Recommended lunch for Ohmishima is meat dish

I was able to eat delicious meat dish inspirationally at Ohmishima.

To provide this charcoal-grilled food at 800 yen! !

Lunch of this delicious meat dish can be eaten with "KITUNE - NO - BOTAN(きつねのぼたん)" which a wonderful and comfortable young couple manage.

Charcoal grilled meat with a service

I was impressed by the meat dish of "KITUNE-NO-BOTAN(きつねのぼたん)" with exquisite fish dishes

At the end of last year, I came to Ohyamazumi Shrine at the end of the year and I got a lunch at "KITUNE-NO-BOTAN" just recently opened.

>>Article at the end of the year when I ate "Shima-aji no NAMEROU-DON lunch"

This time I came to visit Ohyamazumi Shrine on Saturday with a good weather as saying, "I have not yet visited Ohyamazumi Shrine for that year 's greeting", but we came to visit Ohyamazumi Shrine, but we did not see eyes on "TAIRYOU" of popular shops ,

As usual, "TAIRYO" is crowded.

I could not forget the taste of "Shima-aji's NAMEROU rice bowl" I ate at the end of the year and also came to "KITUNE-NO-BOTAN".

This time I again received the set meal for NAMEROU-DON of the shima-aji.



I am satisfied very much even for the expulsion soup and even for the salmon koji.

At that time, when I look at the kitchen, it looks like a meat that was soaked in delicious sauce.

As a matter of fact, this is the meat of a charcoal-grilled meat bowl, so many customers are actually turning into fans as they eat once, because they are tied to a splashing addition sauce. " .

The picture on the top of the page that gave me a taste "Please taste a bit" to me saying "Huh ~".

Fish lunch is good, but charcoal grilled meat bowl lunch is also good at price and taste! ! What?

When I visited for the first time, I liked "Shima-aji NAMEROU set lunch", "When visiting Ohyamazumi Shrine, if I go for lunch, I'm secretly decided to go" KITUNE-NO-BOTAN (きつねのぼたん) ".

The set meal for Shima-aji NAMEROU-DON is 1,200 yen. For couples with young children, there may be people thinking that they are "a bit expensive", but as long as my age is reached, it is said that "it is more satisfying to eat delicious food even if it is a bit high" It is a great satisfying fish lunch.

Actually "Shima-aji NAMEROU-DON lunch" does not totally "high".


However, this Charcoal grilled meat set meal. It is 800 yen.

It was such meat dish that I instinctively said "It is too cheap!".

A couple who was somewhat older than me who sat next to the counter also raised a voice impressed that "This is delicious".

After all it is a charcoal grilled meat bowl that makes me feel like "I ate a meat snack!"

It is not an elegant meat such as "Melt well" or "Melted in the mouth" that Madam people who eat elegant steak often say.

The charcoal-grilled meat bowl called "The meat !!" is a charcoal grilled meat bowl, which is coupled with the secret sauce that uses charcoal broiled meat, which is supplemented, is! 800 yen!

Next time, I thought that I would like to try to eat this charcoal grilled meat bowl in a disagreeable way.

If you are looking for Ohmishima "Great catches are crowded and somewhere delicious lunch" I think that you should visit once.

If you have time for Shimanami-Kaido, I go there and there, it is one of the shops where you can say "here is recommended".

It is one of recommended shops。

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