Lunch Recommendations at Ohmishima Store Update

Recommended lunch for Ohmishima is meat dish

I was able to eat delicious meat dish inspirationally at Ohmishima. To provide this charcoal-grilled food at 800 yen! ! For this delicious meat dish lunch, a wonderful and comfortable young couple will cut offSHOP is here

"KITUNE-NO-BOTAN(きつねのぼたん)" - Miso based fish tartar set"NAMERO" meal is excellent!


I went to "KITUNE - NO - BOTAN" who is reputed that fish dishes are delicious at Ohmishima.
The "NAMEROU" (rice bowl of tartar horse mackerel) was a delicious taste coming out as I chew it, and it was very delicious.
Furthermore, the young couple spoke frankly and it was a very atmosphereful shop.