"KITUNE-NO-BOTAN (きつねのぼたん)" is recommended near Ohmishima's "TAIRYO(大漁)"

Speaking of Ohmishima's most famous shop, of cource it's "TAIRYO" ...

Speaking of the most famous shops in the God of the Ohmishima , it must be "TAIRYO."

It is "480 yen seafood bowl" that made the big catch famous.
(I do not know how much it is now, as the price will change often)


This seafood bowl is reputed as "cheap and delicious"
It is always a large matrix.


A reservation table will be issued so that you can write your name to the reservation from early hours
When I went there at 11 o'clock this reservation table was crowded.


That's it, "I thought lunch was done with a big catch of Ohmishima ..."
No matter how much I go to go for a big catch

It is that there is often not to put it in.

When you can not enter the"TAIRYO(大漁)", go to "KITUNE-NO-BOTAN (きつねのぼたん)" in the neighborhood

When Ohmishima's "TAIRYO" can not fill in full
Freshly born shops opened in 2017
"KITUNE-NO-BOTAN (きつねのぼたん)" is recommended.

It is a freshly opened shop of a young couple.

However, the price is higher than the "TAIRYO".


The price is definitely higher than "TAIRYO" san
It definitely makes me eat delicious fish dishes lunch.

It is not because Ohmishima's "TAIRYO" was full ...

Because KITUNE - NO - BOTAN (きつねのぼたん) is a shop that has just been completed
I think that I do not have much publicity yet.

Inside a clean store just made

But surely soon
"If you visit Ohyamazumi Shrine, you'd better get going to KITUNE - NO - BOTAN ."

It is a shop that makes me eat delicious fish.

Set menus of "Seafood Lunch Set"
It is very popular if you can eat lots of delicious fish in the local area
"For the moment I would like to have lunch with this one book"
I mean that

Because "it corresponds to a special menu if reservation can be obtained"

Special menu of "Shima-aji no NAMEROU-Don (Rice bowl with Miso based fish horse mackerel tartar)".

As for the budget, "How about such a thing?"
I think that I will propose.

Today's lunch set

住所Ehime Prefecture Imabari City Ohmishima Town Miyaura 5512
MessageKITUNE-NO-BOTAN(きつねのぼたん) is name of flowers.
Flower language is "a blessed life"
We are blessed with many wonderful people
I stand in this place.
Remember that gratitude feeling continues to deliver smiles to everyone.

I am happy if you can comment.

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