People with visual impairment also enjoy cycling

Even people with visual impairment can cycling Shimanami-Kaido. I participated in such a tour.

I got on a ferry on a private basis and went to the island.

However, this tour is not a "cycling event only for the visually impaired".

It is a festival cycling event where people with disabilities, healthy people, small children and families can all enjoy equally.

This tour was planned by NPO "Cyclo - Tourism - Shimanami" planning various events and tours at Shimanami - Kaido.

This time I participated in the project "Tandem Bike Festival".

Although it is this tandem bike, it seems to be the eyeball plan of Cyclo - Tourism - Shimanami that cycling Shimanami - Kaido using a tandem bicycle.

A typical tandem bike is a two-seater bicycle.

It is held once every year, and it seems that it will be participated from all over the country for this tandem festival.

It is that attractive project.

What is tandem bike?

In the first place, tandem bikes may be unfamiliar to the general public.

I have heard that there seems to be a bicycle that can ride two people, but it was not until I actually saw it.

In brief, maneuvering is carried out by a person who is in front and a person riding behind is a bicycle that only pedals. There are handles for people riding behind, but there is no brake. The previous person will also manipulate the brake.

The gear change and the brake operation are performed by the former person.

So, even those with visual disabilities can enjoy cycling by riding back and pedaling together.

Awesome tandem bicycle

Although this is a tandem bicycle, there are not only two passengers but also a three-seater tandem bicycle.

There are also three-seater tandem bikes.

Even more surprisingly, it would be possible to connect one further to the back of the three-wheeled bicycle, cycling on a bicycle with four people.

A masterpiece tandem motorcycle that connects the fourth on the back of the third

It is like this when four people ride.

Those who were participating were accompanied by two young children and some of them were joined by this four-seater tandem bike.

A girl who became 3 years old who is participating from mom's abdomen

Moreover, this awesome tandem bike, it can be broken down small and can be carried on transportation. (It is said that traveling by means of transportation is called a circle.)

The family who participated this time is that from Saitama arrived Imabari by circle using the Shinkansen and JR, from there he participated in the tandem bike festival.

If you are a tandem bicycle, even people with visual impairment can cycle.

As mentioned earlier, tandem bike is a bicycle that can ride two people. So those with disabilities visually can also cycling safely by riding behind the tandem bike.

Tandem bike which can enjoy safely those with disabilities

This tandem bike festival is the seventh time this time.

Men with disabilities in vision are said to be participating from the first time, but because they live in Aichi, they are said to be participating every time with people from disabled people's support groups.

When two people straddle a tandem bicycle, when starting, "I will go, 3, 2, 1 yes start" by voice and start smoothly, when stopping, "will stop , 2, 1 Yes stopped ~ "" It stopped without any problem, I was acquainted with how to ride a tandem cycling, and I was able to really enjoy cycling.
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Cycling can be done with a tandem bicycle and thanks to the naami kaido [# sec74a 4e]

Although this is a tandem bicycle, some prefectures do not prohibit, although they do not prohibit, some prefectures say that they are not actively authorized. "Although it is called a tandem bicycle, it is a two-seater ride, it seems that the reason is that the two-seater ban is prohibited by the Road Traffic Act."

So, "There is no cycling tour that makes it possible to enjoy a public tandem bicycle like this," he says a little disappointingly for the visually impaired.

In addition to those with vision disorder in this visit, other family members who have children with disabilities also participated.

Even in that sense Shimanami-Kaido is wonderful.

Aunts and uncles along the road support you.

Tandem bike festival where people with various obstacles can also participate. I thought it was a wonderful event.

A cycling tour where visually impaired, intellectually disabled, children with family and healthy people can enjoy together.

It is universal design.

I want to send Yale to Cyclo - Tourism - Shimanami who is managing this project.

Event planning and management:Cyclo-Tourism-Shimanami

Cyclo-Tourism-Shimanami is a private non-profit organization aiming for sustainable community development through the spread and proposal of a new travel style "cyclotourism (bicycle travel)" that fully uses the five senses and enjoys the whole area.
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