Bicycle without pedals reputation

As a method of practicing bicycles for children, I learned that "bicycle without running pedals" "running bike (aka strider)" is quite excellent.

This was the first time I participated in a pedalless bicycle race event for children aged 2 to 5, a "running motorcycle championship" that I participated as a volunteer staff.

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It was a surprising scenery for me who did not know about this running bike how the 2 - year - old girls riding through the race course by riding a bicycle without pedals in this race.

(A state of the final game of a 2 year old child. I am letting you put in a mosaic.)

About pedalless bicycle reputation

When I saw this race and saw a pedal-free bicycle for the first time, I felt that a bicycle without a pedal was quite excellent as a practicing method for small children.

However, I also thought that people around the world do not really know about this pedalless bicycle.

Therefore, using a questionnaire site, I conducted a simple questionnaire about this pedalless bicycle (running bike).

For those who are worried that "There is something called a pedal-less bicycle, but what do you do" or "If you use a bicycle without a pedal really makes it so easy to ride a bicycle" would be helpful if you could refer is.

Questionnaire about pedalless bicycle

Questionnaire number: 30 random

Questionnaire implementation method: Submit a word of mouth using a questionnaire site

Do you know bicycles without pedals

First I was interested in knowing this bicycle without pedals (running bike), so I tried asking "Do you know bicycles without pedals?" The following is the summary.


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