Recommended for lunch at the "SHOKUDO-MITSUBACHI(食堂みつばち)"

When asking "Dining hall Mitsubachi", you may wonder "what the store is like", Oshima's "SHOKUDO-MITSUBACHI" is a nice dining cafe that you can eat delicious lunch.

"SHOKUDO-MITSUBACHI" located a little above the national highway, on the hill at the sea, is a cute shop with a light blue terrace and you can have a lunch time while watching the sea from the terrace seat.

The cafeteria Mitsububachi is located on the hill by the sea which is away from the national highway.

The day I visited was full and some people waiting

Pale blue is very beautiful.

People waiting in the queue seem to be able to use the bench.

Lunch while watching the sea

"Fish set lunch" to purchase directly from local fishermen is recommended


Lunch with local ingredients was very tasty. The main fish are purchased directly from local fishermen.

The day I visited was Muniel 's lemon butter sauce with big thick sea bream.


The main fish is delicious, but I used local vegetables etc, garnishment is very delicious. Quiche and mozuku on one dish. Lettuce also ate delicious lettuce that I ate for the first time in a long time. Home made (?) Dressing was very delicious.


The clerk has three masters and masters, but everyone seems to be very busy.

However, it was not a feeling that I felt relaxed, but it moved with taste and I could feel it very much.

The group of your little mother who was in the back seat was liked carefully and was likable also to the sudden objection that "You can move the seat because there was a window side over there."

When I visited, there were about 15 guests, but male customers were all women except me and the other small father.

The dining cafe where it is also popular among women was "Midtendori".

Anyway, lunch was 1,200 yen.

Approach to cycling to the "SHOKUDO-MITSUBACHI(みつばち食堂)"

The cafeteria Mitsububachi is away from the national highway, and it is in a place where you can not go unless you cross the mountain pass.


Even if it is said to cross the pass, there is not much distance, so even beginner cyclists can recommend it.

There is also a steep uphill on the way a little, but if you can not climb up and tell me about 10 minutes to climb, you can cross the pass without making such a tight feeling.

Although there is a steep climbing, if you push it you can cross the pass soon.

When crossing the pass, it will go downhill at a stretch, but if you leave it to the momentum and go, you will overlook the signboard for "Shokudo Mitsububi."

Do not overlook the guide sign

Go to the left from here.

If you go down as it is, it will go out to the fishing village. Let's go to the left not to overlook the sign.

There are a few ups and downs when going to the left, but if you run for about 10 minutes you will see the dining halls.

The cafeteria Mitsububachi is located on the hill by the sea which is away from the national highway.

Cafeteria Mitsubachi

Address: 1876-1 Nishi, Yoshimachi Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture
TEL: 087-84-3571
Opening hours: 11: 00 ~ 17: 00 (lunch is until 14:30)
Holidays: Tuesday, Wednesday