Sunrise-Itoyama recommends departing from Shikoku

Departure from Shikoku is Imagichi's cycling terminal "Sunrise-Itoyama" is recommended.

About 30 parking lots of Sunrise-Itoyama can be parked in front.

Shimanami - Kaido 's Ehime prefecture departure place,
Imabari Shi Cycling Terminal "Sunrise - Itoyama" is recommended.

There is always plenty of bicycle hire, and you can borrow it for 1000 yen a day.

Bicycle types can also be rented "MAMACHARI", or town bikes to full-fledged road bikes. There are plenty of bicycles for children.

Besides regular bicycles, there is also an assist type bicycle, which seems to be borrowed at 1,500 yen.

Sunrise-Itoyama parking lot is available free of charge.

Sunrise-Itoyama can use the parking lot for free.
Of course I know that it is free to use "go by car and borrow your bicycle"

The parking lot is free &breven with the style of loading his own bicycle in the car &brand placing the car in Sunrise - Itoyama and going to run.

About 30 cars can be parked in the parking lot in front of the facility.

In my case I brought a bicycle
Because I do not use the facility by staying overnight

"I'm bringing a bicycle, can I let the parking lot use it?"

As I asked, the staff carefully answered as follows.

"I would like to prioritize those who rent a bicycle and those who use lodging and restaurants if possible, so if you bring your bicycle, I would appreciate it if you can put it in the temporary parking lot ..."

He gave me an explanation gently.

Apparently temporary parking is separate from this facility body
It seems to be prepared in two places.

So I turned the car to the parking lot I explained.

It is the temporary parking lot described. About 30 cars can be parked here.
I have climbed a slope for a few seconds from the sign rise yarn mountain.

Looking down from the temporary parking to Sunrise-Itoyama facility.

Available until 21 o'clock.

Looking up the Kurushima Bridge from the facility.

Unfortunately Point Sunrise-Itoyama

Sunrise-Itoyama has bicycles and cheap rich bicycles are also prepared
Parking lot can be parked for free, staff's correspondence is good
The facilities are also beautiful, and the taste of the restaurant in the middle is not bad
It is a recommended facility for those who cycled

There is only one point disappointing.

it is The way to Sunrise-Itoyama is difficult to find.

I went according to the instructions of the car navigator, it says "here" in the place but, I'm not sure "Do you really turn around here?".
Because there is not ANY SIGN.

I have used it twice before, but it was bent again in a strange place and forced to make a U-turn on a narrow unfamiliar road.

If this is improved, it is a complimentary recommended facility.

If there is no money to sign up,
I think that it is okay to pay for parking lots.

If it is about 1000 yen per day, pay at all and no problem

I think. How do you think?

Except that "there is no signboard and the road is hard to understand"
The location as the starting point and the staff's correspondence
I think it's awesome.

I am happy if you can comment.

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