Set lunch "NAMEROU-TEISHOKU(Rice bowl with chopped fish)"at "KITUNE-NO-BOTAN (きつねのぼたん)" is superb!

I went to "KITUNE - NO - BOTAN" who is reputed that fish dishes are delicious at Ohmishima.

NAMEROU-DON, the rice bowl of tartared Shima-aji was a delicious taste coming out as I chew it, and it was very delicious.

Furthermore, the young couple spoke frankly and it was a very nice shop.

Like a mountain... NAMEROU-DON

The young couple's shop was very comfortable.

Excellent! New lunch menu of KITUNE-NO-BOTAN(きつねのぼたん)(2017/December)

KITUNE-NO-BOTAN(きつねのぼたん) has started a new lunch menu.I tried to make a video as this lunch was delicious.

KITUNE - NO - BOTAN (きつねのぼたん) reputed as delicious lunch of newly opened fish dishes

Although it will be over in December, it became a sunny and warm weather, so I decided to go to Ohmishima after a long absence, "I will greet the year-end greetings to Ohyamazumi Shrine."

Ohmishima has ups and downs surprisingly also on the coastline.

Sunny weather after a long time. It was a perfectly pleasant day, although cycling while sipping sweat and sweat to the Hill Climbing for the first time with the mountains of autumn leaves as the background.

Ocean of Ohmishima in winter was very beautiful.

The mountain gate of Ohyamazumi Shrine was renovated.

From the familiar limone you can have a place where you can eat lunch newly across from Ohyamazumi Shrine

Before going to Ohyamazumi Shrine, I went to Limone who had become familiar with Ohmishima "Let's buy a lemon cello so."

Limone is a shop that manufactures and sells lemon fruit and lemon liqueur "lemon cello" from lemon made from pesticide free.

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Basically, I'm not good at talking with people so much, and this "Tomoko-san" talked about various citrus fruits and goods of organic pesticides. A woman like a truly bright sun, I got Ohmishima's favorite spot for this shop.

Tomoko, the owner of this Limone, asked, "I got a reputation as a place where I can eat lunch newly across from Ohyamazumi Shrine," and I decided to go.

"KITUNE-NO-BOTAN (きつねのぼたん)" in front of Ohyamazumi Shrine "Shima-aji's NAMEROU bowl set meal" is superb.

Speaking of fish dishes in front of Ohyamazumi Shrine, famous TAIRYOU" is cheap and well-reputed. A long line of the peaople was also made this day.

Large fishes are also queues this day

I have also brought my parents once, but ... Let's not comment.

Well, the new shop of purpose was in the same row as this "TAIRYOU."

It was open at the entrance of the shopping area.



Getting in to a new shop by myself is a hesitation at the beginning because it is a hesitant thing, as I passed the bicycle in front of the shop, once the man passed from the store saying "Will not you be having meal if you do not care" and refreshing voice It took over.

When entering into the inside to be hooked by the voice, there were already two pairs of customers in the shop.

Freshly opened refreshing store

Lunch Menu

A handsome young man who seems to be a shopkeeper pleasantly speaks to me,

"I just opened it on November 25." "My daughter is from Ohmishima, I decided to venture to start working here." "Ohmishima has few places to eat and customers are having a great deal of trouble. is."

I was able to hear stories such as.

The first experience "Shima-aji NAMEROU rice bowl" is excellent

There seemed to be four kinds of lunch.

850 yen for "Tin Misashi" "Hamachi Bowl", 800 yen for "Beef Charcoal Grilled Bowl", 1,300 yen for "Shimaji no licket bowl"

"Tin meat is a bamboo shoot of Nam prefecture". Although the mind moved with "Hamachimon-bowl" and "Charcoal-baked bowl of beef cattle", the heart was shaken by the shop owner's challenge who had made "licking" the luxury fish "Shimaji" again, "Shimaji's licking lunch bowl lunch" requested.

Shima-aji NAMEROU-DON(tartared fish with rice bowl) lunch

The bowl was a soup taken carefully with the sea bream, when the egg was softly floating, it was a warm egg soup with a firm taste of the sea bream. I wanted to change this soup.

Cucumber pickles were also delicious.

And "Shima-aji NAMEROU-DON". This was superb. When I talked to the shopkeeper, "It is delicious, it is really tasty", I also got a voice from the little girl who sat in the room, "This really is delicious."

I am not a gourmet reporter, so I can not express the taste of cooking well and it is frustrating

I wanted to answer "I want to eat every time I go to Ohmishima" if asked "Do you want to eat again?" It was "Shima-aji NAMEROU-DON".

In the evening it is going to be an izakaya serving charcoal grilled fish.

I would definitely like to visit at night. It was surely a shop that we could spend pleasant time in a conversation with delicious relishes and pleasant young couples.


One more shop has joined my favorite list when I have time I go to Ohmishima.

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Flower language is "a blessed life"
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Remember that gratitude feeling continues to deliver smiles to everyone.

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