Recommended course for beginners from Ehime prefecture imabari


When departing from Imabari side of Ehime prefecture, departing from the cycle station "Sunrise - Itoyama" is a course recommended for beginners. Facilities such as meal and toilet are enriched, and staff are kindness everyone. The bicycle rental is also substantial, and it is nice that the parking lot is free even if I say anything.

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Recommended course for beginners from "Ohmishima Island" in the middle of Shimanami-Kaido


It is said that "Tatara-Shimanami Road Station" of Ohmishima is said to be "the sacred place of the cyclist". This Tatara-Shimanami Road Station has more facilities than the above "Sunrise-Itoyama". Parking lot can also be done for free, and the number of cars that can be parked is also overwhelmingly large.

Since it hits near the center of Shimanami-Kaido, you can run inside the Ohmishima Island, go to Hakatajima Island on the Ehime side, or go to Ikuchijima Island on the Hiroshima side, that the most beginners enjoy I think that it can be said to be a possible starting point.

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Recommended course for beginners from Hiroshima prefecture Onomichi

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