Shimanami Kaido beginner's recommended course (departed from Onomichi)

Ferries are recommended for beginners going from Onomichi to Shimanami Kaido

This page introduces recommended course for beginners when heading towards Shimanami Kaido from the direction of Onomichi.

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Let's go to Mukaishima Island by ferry from Onomichi.

When I get off JR Onomichi Station, there is a harbor at a distance that can be said almost before my eyes. Ferries going to Shimanami Kaido can ride from here.

Position relationship between station and ferry platform

This ferry is cute like a little theme park ship.


The movie was taken when heading from Mukaishima to Onomichi.

Shimanami Kaido beginner is dangerous to cross a bridge from Onomichi to Mukaishima


here are some beginners saying &deco(b,red,,18){"Why does not ride bicycle to cross the bridge!" When speaking of a ferry, but the Onomichi Bridge connecting Onomichi and the neighboring island "Mukoshima"is not kind to the bicycle unlike the way Shimanami.

You had better stop quitting as soon as the car is coming away. It is dangerous for beginners. Besides, it is also away from the location of Onomichi station and rental cycle.

From the Onomichi station the ferry terminal is in front of me.

erries between Onomichi and Mukaishima frequently come

If you hear "ferry", I think some people think that "waiting time is wasteful" or "it is troublesome to buy a ticket", but as far as the ferry connecting Onomichi and Mukaishima is concerned, do not worry about that.

Although I did not look at the timetable (I feel like I wrote "I come frequently" on the timetable), I think that a ferry will come if you wait for 10 minutes.

Moreover, it takes about 5 minutes to take a ferry. Besides, people and bicycles together cost 70 yen or 110 yen (the fee is slightly different depending on the ferry riding.)

The ferry departs from three places. The price is 70 yen in the middle ferry.

Recommended bridge for beginners of Shimanami cycling

For beginners of Shimanami Kaido, I think cycling's scenery is a landscape from the top of the bridge.

Of course the scenery of the sea from the coastal road of the island and the landscape from the hill which climbed the slope are also wonderful.

You can see the seascape like this from everywhere.

Scenery from the pass of the island (Innoshima)

Furthermore, the bridge overlooking from the top of the mountain is the best scenery.

Sunset from Mt.Kirosan in Oshima (May be heavy for beginners)

But, after all it thinks that Shimanami Kaido's dream is to be able to enjoy 'TATOUBI(how beautifu various islands' landscape) in Setouchi from the sky above the sky'.

You can enjoy the beautiful form of the bridge itself. (Ikuchijima-Island Bridge)

TATOUBI (Kurushima-Kaikyo-Ohashi Bridge) in Setouchi

Vortex tide occurring around the island (Kurushima Kaikyo Bridge)

Sunset seen from the top of the bridge (Kurushima Kaikyo Ohashi Bridge)

What kind of plan are plans that can enjoy the landscape from above the bridge, what kind of plans do you recommend for beginners, Shimanami Kaido departing from Onomichi's plan for cycling beginners I thought about it.

Shimanami Kaido Recommended daily mileage for beginners

First of all, when a beginner cycled Shimanami Kaido, I thought about the recommended driving distance of the day.

In cycling, the average speed was 30 km / h, but it was written in some books, but I think that this is a difficult figure if it is not a person accustomed to cycling considerably.

30km / h is impossible unless it is such a person.

I have already been running to and around Shimanami Kaido 15 times or more since I got into cycling of Shimanami Kaido, but still it is around 20 km / h to 25 km / h on average.

In the case of beginners, I think that it will be a running while shooting photos etc. on the slope, so I think that it should be calculated at around 10 km / h.

If you run 8 hours a day, 80 km is the mileage.

Because it is approximately 75 km from Onomichi to Imabari city, if you consider starting from Onomichi and going to Imabari, you will be able to cycling to enjoy Shimanami Kaido in one day.

On the other hand, if we think about turning around, it means that the distance from Onomichi to Ohmishima Island is about 39 km, so it will be possible for even beginners to travel back and forth at 78 km to and from 78 km.

It is possible to make a return trip to Ohmishima Island where there is a cyclical sanctuary.

It is recommended to run from Onomichi to Imabari

Departing from Onomichi, there are plans to fold back at Ohmishima Island, since you've come so far, I recommend that you plan to run from Onomichi to Imabari.

When departing Onomichi at around 9 o'clock in the morning and running for 8 hours, the evening will take place at the Kurushima Kaikyo Bridge, the longest bridge in Shimanami Kaido.

There are various bridges at Shimanami Kaido, もbut the most recommended one among those bridges is the sunset view from this Kurushima Kaikyo Bridge.

Sunset to the Ehime side from the top of the bridge

A large ship that crosses the Seto inland with the sunset back.

The beauty of the light of the setting sun and the sea

The beauty of sunset watching from this Kurushima Kaikyo Ohashi is a scenery that will not get tired of me for anything that I enjoy cycling Shimanami Kaido more than 15 times.

Don't you think it is wonderful to see such sunsets on cycling climax leave from Onomichi?

Cycling course for beginners going from Onomichi to Imabari in a day

I recommend to beginners, it is a course that runs from Onomichi to Imabari in one day.

So, I decided to depart from Onomichi at 9 am and take an hour break for daytime and set it to arrive to Imabari at around 6 o'clock in the evening, and I made a recommendation plan.

In Mukaishima it is recommended to view the Innoshima Bridge from the bottom

When you landed on Mukaishima using a ferry from Onomichi, there is a route to the Innoshi Ohashi that goes around the eastern side of the island and the west side of the island to the Innoshima Bridge.


Since the route which goes around the west side is about 7.4 km in distance, it arrives at the site of the Innoshima Bridge around 10 o'clock.

I think the great part of the Innoshi Ohashi is the form of the bridge itself. Before coming to the Innoshi Ohashi, please look at the Innoshi Ohashi from the bridge building.

There is no doubt that the excitement for Shimanami's cycling that will start from now will increase.

I think the Innoshima-Ohashi is a bridge that looks down from the bottom.

The Neoshima Bridge has a bridge structure on the second floor, with the upper side being the car and the lower side by the bicycle. So when I'm running this Neoshima Bridge, I feel a sense of oppression somewhat, I do not like it much.


I do not like the sense of the closeness of the Innoshima-Ohashi very much.

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TACHIBANA-SHOKUDO,Tachibana dining is a restaurant located in the immediate vicinity of the exit of the bike path of the Innoshi Ohashi Bridge. It is said to be a restaurant, but it is a restaurant which is popular among women, completely different from the image received from the word "dining hall". It is a nice space of conviction that palm in lawn and deck and footbath which can relax in it are placed in wonderful, and women are popular. It was courage to go for Alara 's father alone, but not to worry about this, the staff greeted me with a nice smile.

Beginner's cyclist will turn to the right after reaching Innoshima.

Let's take the ordinary road to the right after arriving at Innoshima. The line is drawn so that the blue line which is a mark of the cycling also goes to the right side.

Turning to the right, you can enjoy a cycling of nearly flat coastline recommended for beginners.

On the contrary, those who say "Shimanami is the first time, but cycling is more than intermediate level", let's turn right without hesitation.

The blue line is not drawn, and although there are considerably tight ups and downs of about 100 m in height difference, we can enjoy beautiful scenery from the path of Tokushima.

Ramen was delicious on Onomichi

There was a queue for a small noodle shop in the shopping area of Onomichi. When I talked to a beautiful woman who was lined up in the queue and her mother, "It is not Onomichi ramen, but it is popular with women with delicious Chinese noodles with soup.When we come to Onomichi always this noodle It is a shop. "

So, what I ate lined behind that mother daughter is Chinese noodle called "tempura chu-ka".

Ramen is ramen if you have not eaten so much that the shrimp heaven is on top of the Chinese side but this ramen is exquisite.

Anyway the ramen soup is delicious. I have completely drunk all the soup after a long absence.

It is totally different from Onomichi Ramen's backstroke gum ramen, so it's kind of a ramen, so we can not recommend it for those who make Onomichi ramen.

However, it is a very popular ramen shop for women like.

More than half of the customers were almot women or men who was taken by his girlfriends.