Parking lot of Kawachi Fujien park, access and application notes

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Kawachi Fujieen parking lot has over 300 temporary parking lots

According to the official website at Kawachi Fujien, there are 200 free parking spaces.

河内藤園 駐車場1

河内藤園 駐車場2
Although it is said that Kawachi Fuji-en has 200 parking lots ...

The picture was taken from the top of the wisteria trellis, but when I count it as a square, it seemed that there were not 200 parking spaces here alone. It is a place like 120 to 130 cars.

I guess there are other places as well.

Besides this, as a temporary parking lot, parking lot of hot spring facility called "hydrangea hot spring" in the immediate vicinity was available as temporary parking lot.

河内藤園 駐車場 あじさいの湯1
Hydrangea hot spring was available as a temporary parking lot for Kawachi Fujien.

河内藤園 駐車場 あじさいの湯2
About 150 units were likely to be stopped in hydrangea.

It seems like 150 cars can be parked even with this hydrangea.

I felt as though it was being introduced as somewhere on the site "Hydrangea and Kawachi Fuji-en are irrelevant, so you should not park"(If this infomation incorrect, I'm sorry;;)

However, in the case of FY 2016, whether the partnership with the hydrangea of hydrangea was made or not, the hydrangea hydrangea is temporary parking lot, the leaders will also guide you there.

An induction officer at Kawachi Fuji - en has guided me to a parking lot of hydrangea.

It is about 3 minutes on foot from Hydrangea to Kawachi Fuzono, but I think that it will not take so much.

When you climb a little slope, Kawachi Fuji enclosure is immediately.

It is slight to climb the slope.

Climbing the slope and there is the entrance of Kawachi Fuji - en in the right direction.

Position relationship between hydrangea and Kawachi Fujien

Congestion information on access to Kawachi Fujien

Somewhere on the site

"Because there is only one road, the road is very crowded and it can take more than five hours at peak time."

As I was introduced in the way of being introduced in such a way, I looked at the surplus considerably, thought "I can adjust the time with hydrangea," I started early

In our case, it was able to arrive smoothly in hydrangea without any congestion.

As introduced on the official website, we were able to arrive at the site at Kitakyushu Urban Expressway No.4 Line "Otani" ramp at 20 minutes.

Reason why congestion of access to Kawachi Fujien was dissolved

I was prepared at the time that access to Kawachi Fujien would be considerably crowded, but there was not enough congestion to beat it.(2016/May, 2nd 16:00~18:00)

I am convinced that this is the result of limiting the number of visitors by advance ticket which was introduced from this fiscal year.

According to the staff who talked with the stakeholder (possibly the owner) at the site and taught me that they have entrance restrictions that those who do not have advance tickets at convenience stores can not enter this year from this fiscal year.

The time for which the day can be watched is divided every 2 hours, from 8: 00-10: 00, 10: 00-12: 00, 12: 00-14: 00, 14: 00-16: 00, 16: 00-18 : It seems that they made it to be unable to enter without separately purchasing the tickets of that time in five times 00.

Since it is said that the number of visitors in each time zone is limited to 600 sheets every 2 hours, considering visiting by couples or groups, the number of vehicles will be less than 300

If it leads smoothly to the temporary parking lot, it is interpreted without permission whether there is no congestion.

Please note that the tickets for Kawachi Fujien are in advance ticket system.

Please note that tickets to Kawachi Fuji - en are on sale in advance from this fiscal year.

If you do not purchase tickets in advance at convenience stores, you can not enter Kawachi Fuzonen.

Please note that this is "I will never enter" as the official (maybe the owner) said that.

In addition, although this advance ticket can be purchased for 500 yen, admission fee will fluctuate depending on the flowering conditions of the day.

Perhaps during the GW, the state of wisteria is the best time, so the entrance fee will be 1,500 yen.

Purchase advance tickets at 500 yen and 1000 yen of difference will be paid at the entrance, so be careful here as well.

When I heard the story with the person concerned (possibly the owner), I was talking as follows.

Customers coming from abroad have a better attitude. A Japanese customer says There is an additional charge of 1,000 yen" at the counter, saying Someone who says "ぼったくりやないか "or" fraud or not ". Even though I am transmitting information properly via the homepage, public relations and travel company properly. If you come to see the word of mouth, you may want to see the neighborhood as well.

It is something you want to enjoy wisteria pleasantly by checking the information properly.

Some people think that it is expensive to listen to the entrance fee of 1500 yen, but our couple thought that it was a fully worthy facility.

■ Basic information

  • Address: 2-2-46 Kawachi, Yahata Higashi-ku, Kitakyushu-shi
  • Access: Approximately 20 minutes by car from Yahata station, approximately 30 minutes by car from Ogura Station, 20 minutes by car from Kitakyushu City Highway Route 4 "Yamaji" or "Otani" ramps, 20 mins off the ramp, mountainous road in GW Although it is introduced as prepared, in my case (May 2, 2016) there was no traffic at all.
  • Parking lot: 200 cars free (200 extra parking spaces available separately?)
  • Opening hours: 9: 00-18: 00
  • Opening season: mid-April to mid-May, mid-November-mid-December
  • Phone number: 093 - 652 - 0334
  • Price: Entrance fee 0 ~ 1500 yen, depending on the flowering situation, I think that it is better to think that it is 1,500 yen during the best GW. / Autumn 0 yen ~ 300 yen
  • Official website URL: http: //

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