How do you rent a bicycle on the Shimanami Kaido?

On the cycling course on the Shimanami Kaido, bicycle rental facilities are substantial. When starting from Onomichi, bicycle rental facilities are very close to Onomichi Station. In this page, I would like to introduce information about bicycle rental facilities in Onomichi.

Where is the bicycle rental terminal in Onomichi?

To get to the Onomichi Rental Cycle Terminal, walk out of the south ticket gate of Onomichi Station and walk about 5 minutes.



This is a photo of Onomichi Rental Cycle Terminal.



The back of the signboard in this photo is a parking lot, and the bicycle rental terminal is in one corner of this parking lot.



This photo shows the reception desk for renting bicycles.


How much does bicycle rental cost?

General bicycle rental


General bicycle rental
(mini-velo, cross bike, city cycle)
¥1,100 $9.25 per day
Guarantee charge ¥1,100 $9.25
electric assist bike ¥1,650 $15.26


What is a guarantee fee?

The guarantee fee is the money you deposit when you rent a bicycle. For example, if you rent a bicycle in Onomichi and return it to Onomichi, the guarantee fee will be returned. However, if you rent a bicycle in Onomichi and return it in Imabari, this guarantee fee will not be returned.

This guarantee fee will be paid by the bicycle rental service organization as a fee for transporting the bicycle from Imabari to Onomichi.

For details, ask the bicycle rental service management organization.⇒shimanami-japan

Click here for bicycle rental reservation ⇒Shinami Japan Rental Reception


Manners for cycling on the Shimanami Kaido cycling course


Put on your helmet

On cycling courses in Japan, riding a helmet is the way to go.

When you rent a bicycle, you can rent a helmet for free, so wear your helmet and enjoy cycling.


Cycling in the left row

In the Shimanami Kaido cycling course, it is good manners to cycle in a row on the left. Especially on the cycling course on the bridge, the road width is narrow, and there are also oncoming and opposing bicycles, so be sure to cycle on the left side in one row.


When stopping your bicycle, move to the left and stop.

From the bridge of the Shimanami Kaido cycling course, you can see many islands in the Seto Inland Sea. You want to park your bike and take beautiful pictures. When you park your bicycle, park in one row and park on the left. Then take a picture.



Conclusion of this page

I introduced how to rent a bicycle in Onomichi City on this page.

This blog introduces a recommended plan for cycling on the Shimanami Kaido, renting a bicycle at Onomichi and returning the bicycle at Imabari at the goal.

In this case, in addition to the bicycle rental fee, it is necessary to pay a guarantee fee as a forwarding fee.

I also introduced the manners when riding a bicycle along the Shimanami Kaido cycling course, so please refer to it.

On the next page, I would like to introduce recommended points in Onomichi city.

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thank you for reading it until the very end.

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