Access to Shimanami Kaido (from Hiroshima Prefecture)

Access to Shimanami Kaido from the Hiroshima side is Onomichi.

Access to Shimanami Kaido from the Hiroshima side will start from Onomichi City on the east side from Hiroshima City, famous for the atomic bomb being dropped. This page explains access to Onomichi City.
The start from the Hiroshima Prefecture side to the Shimanami Kaido starts from “Onomichi City” in the eastern part of Hiroshima City. Onomichi is famous for its old shrine, famous for its old Japanese streets, and has many visitors from overseas.

Access to Onomichi by Shinkansen from Tokyo

When going from Tokyo to Onomichi, you will be taking the JR Tokaido Shinkansen-Sanyo Shinkansen. The most convenient way to get from Tokyo to Onomichi Station is to take the Shinkansen to “Fukuyama” on the way, and from Fukuyama to Onomichi by ordinary train.


From Tokyo to Fukuyama, the Shinkansen “Nozomi Shinkansen” or “Hikari Shinkansen” is used, but in the case of the “Nozomi Shinkansen”, it may not stop at Fukuyama Station, so check if you stop at Fukuyama Station .


If you change to an ordinary train at Fukuyama Station, it takes about 20 minutes from Fukuyama Station to Onomichi Station.


The trip costs about 18,000 yen each way, and it takes about 4 hours for the Nozomi Shinkansen and about 5 hours for the Hikari Shinkansen.


Access Onomichi by plane from Tokyo

To access Onomichi by plane from Tokyo, use ANA or JAL from Haneda Airport to Hiroshima Airport. It takes about 90 minutes from Haneda Airport to Hiroshima Airport. The air fare from Haneda Airport to Hiroshima Airport is about 35,000 yen for a regular fare, but if you purchase various discount tickets, you can access it for about 13000 to 30000 yen.


From Hiroshima Airport, you can access Mihara Station by limousine bus operated by “Chinese Bus”.


From Mihara Station to Onomichi Station, you can access the JR Sanyo Main Line in about 20 minutes.


Rent a bicycle on Onomichi



There are several places where you can rent bicycles in Onomichi, but the famous ones are the bicycle rental terminal operated by public facilities and the bicycle rental shop operated by bicycle top brand “GIANT”.


Public rental bicycle terminals are cheaper and have a wide variety of bicycles, but many people use them, so they may not be rented.


Public rental bicycle terminals


Especially on holidays that are suitable for cycling, so many people visit to rent bicycles, so there is a line of people who rent bicycles in front of the bicycle rental terminal.


At Onomichi’s public rental cycle terminal, you can make a reservation for six months in advance, so if you have a schedule for renting a bicycle, we recommend that you make a reservation in advance.


“GIANT” bicycle rental service allows you to rent a very beautiful and cool road bike.You can rent a very cool road bike, but the price is much higher than public bicycle rental.


By boat from Onomichi to Shimanami Kaido

A small boat will take you from Onomichi to Shimanami Kaido’s first island.The name of the island of Shimanami Kaido, which is the closest to Onomichi, is called “Mukojima”, but this island and Onomichi are connected by a very frequent boat.Moreover, this ship departs every 10 minutes, and it takes about 5 minutes to ride.


Businessmen and students living in Mukojima use this ship every day to go to work or go to school.The ship fare is very cheap, it is 60 to 100 yen for people only, and 10 yen is necessary for carrying a bicycle.

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